Claudia Ponzi

Padova, 1988

She works and studies in Milan and Padua.
Her works are the communion of several dimensions, often narrative ones, that understand their own necessities and identities through a process-oriented approach. The artist with a sensoriality tacking root in a practice that researches and reveals emotions, first along the procedural instinct, then proceeds with a mental and research study looking towards several directions: on the one hand places the spectator in a delicate relationship with the embarrassment, ironically stages vibrational elements that sometimes make us relive the discovery of sexuality, on the other hand, realizes dreams and keeps searching for utopian reality in an attempt to overturn small social dimensions in the desire to transform, or tell, subtle elements of everyday life. The performance consists of both a spontaneous and a contrived character, as it analyzes not only the artist’s action, but also the way in which the audience body is related, it dives and sometimes conceals itself in the architectural space and in relation to the works themselves. The fine narrative dimension plays in a space between playful childhood and sexuality composing declarations of love, addressed to a community through: performance, video, photography and drawing.

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